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Knowing your employees’ skills is the strategic priority for HR today. Is your company future-ready?

huapii provides a platform to map the skills of your organisation and support ongoing growth and development by recognising your people as the cornerstones of success.
Skills development huapii
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The skills profile in huapii enables each employee to become ambassador of their own skills matrix and position that openly into the organization.

Bart Van Bambost

CHRO at Nipro Europe Group Companies

  • Map your Employees’ Skills

  • Find Skill Gaps in Your Workforce 

  • Track Progress, Training and Certifications

  • Suggested & Personalized Vacancies

  • Career Pathing

Know Your In-house Skills

Make skills effortlessly accessible within secondsSearch for skills, connect colleagues, gather the right people for projects, and identify potential skill gaps.

Suggest personalized skill recommendations based on employees’ education and past experiences to enhance their career growth and performance.



Stimulate Internal Mobility

Encourage internal mobility by shining a light on your employees’ aspirations and proactively addressing your workforce’s evolving needs through personalized job opportunities.

Career Pathing

Visualize your dream career and develop a strategic plan to achieve your goals, including job openings that align with your aspirations.

Facilitate strategic succession planning

Mitigate the risks associated with the lack of business continuity by developing a robust succession pipeline by identifying the high potentials within your organisation.

Skills growth huapii
Skills growth huapii
Skills growth huapii
Skills growth huapii
Skills growth huapii
Skills growth huapii

huapii really takes their customers to the next level in terms of talent management.

Ruth Van Impe

HR Manager at Skill BuilderS

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