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Skills development huapii

Skills development

Let your employees drive their careers within your organization. Empower them to develop their skills and become part of your talent pool. 

How can huapii help you?

Our platform makes skills visible and accessible for everyone:
Highlight employees’ current skills and future career aspirations. Find hidden talents and uncover mentors in your organization. Give HR a strategic role by facilitating decisive succession planning.

Growth objectives

Objectives should focus on more than revenue growth. Set goals for the growth of your employees, teams and organization.

How can huapii help you?

How huapii help you? With huapii, you can make growth an integral part of your objectives. Give your people the lead on setting their objectives, and align them with your company’s targets to get a 360° view.

Growth Objectives huapii
feedback habit huapii

Feedback habit

Make feedback a continuous habit for your people by creating a psychologically safe environment within your organization.

How can huapii help you?

Ensure psychological safety for 360°  individual and team feedback, giving employees insights on past behaviour and actions to take towards the future.