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Intuitive, Centralised & Easy Follow-up 

Utilize In-house Skills Company-wide 

Emphasize Long-term Career Development

Customized & Flexible 

Boost Employee Engagement

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Skills Management

Identify, assess, and nurture the skills of your workforce to become part of your talent pool. 


How can huapii help you?

Our platform makes skills visible and accessible to everyone. Highlight employees’ current skills and future career aspirations, stimulate internal mobility, and give HR a strategic role by facilitating decisive succession planning.


Continuous Performance Management

Set goals for the growth of your employees, teams and organisation and foster a culture of continuous conversations.

How can huapii help you?

With huapii, you can make growth an integral part of your objectives. Set up a culture of continuous conversations and 360° feedback, work towards common goals and get insights in your employees’ potential.

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