We’re making work a happy place, and it starts at huapii. We love our people, and our people love working here. Go ahead. Love your job.

Our culture

We live and use our values every day to make effective decisions and remain true to our cause.
Culture huapii

More action, less talk

Everyone needs to have an owner mentality when serving customers, when making decisions and choices. We favor common sense and being action-oriented. Empowerment goes hand-in-hand with accountability.

Culture huapii

Radical transparency

We have a safe space to give each other direct feedback in good spirit. It helps us grow much faster and discuss frustrations and achievements directly. We had our tough moments as founders and it made us stronger. With our customers we aspire to create a similar open space as partners together with the same cause.

Culture huapii

Team and people-centric

Team performance goes above individual ego. Inner drive goes above sticks and carrots. We spend time to ‘reflect’ on this and ensure we are honest to ourselves. By doing so we feel fully unleashed to thrive and serve our customers.​


Perks & Benefits

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