Continuous performance management

We believe in fostering a culture of continuous conversations and feedback focusing on performance and development, where confidence and appreciation thrive.
huapii provides a platform to empower managers, teams and employees while reducing administrative burdens and follow-up issues, and adapting to changing conditions.
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Silke Loosen huapii
huapii website

With huapii we found the ideal platform for our performance process: everything in one place, easy to use and enabling frequent conversations in our organization!

Silke Loosen

Talent specialist at – DPG Media

  • Continuous Check-ins

  • 360 Feedback (in & outside organization)

  • Sharing Objectives 

  • Cascading Company Objectives

  • Flexible, Quarterly or Mid-year Reviews

  • Development Plans 

  • Team Overview

  • Flexible Self-end Assessment

  • Set up OKRs and SMART goals

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huapii website

Continuous Conversations

Prioritize, adjust, and track progress throughout the year with regular check-ins to ensure managers and employees are in sync and can achieve their goals.


360° Perspective, Feedback and Recognition

Gain insights from team members, managers, customers, and stakeholders for a better understanding of your objectives.




Cultivate a culture of feedback and recognition to nurture a growth mindset, focusing on strengths and improvement areas. This helps employees look at the skills they need to develop for the future and take ownership of their career path within your organisation.

Share Objectives and Work Towards Common Company Goals

Shared goals increase the likelihood of success. Empower your employees to create actionable objectives linked to company and/or team goals


9-box Talent Grid

Get clear insights into employees’ potential and facilitate targeted support and guidance for professional growth.

huapii website

They were able to infuse our employees with their enthusiasm for the platform.

Marjan Verbeeck

HR Business Partner – Nipro

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