Continuous performance management

It’s difficult to get better at something you only hear about once a year. So instead of an annual performance meeting, huapii sets up a culture of continuous performance management that starts with regular and continuous check-ins. This gives managers and teams the power to deliver constructive feedback to feel more confident and appreciated, which often results in doing more than expected.
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With huapii we found the ideal platform for our performance process: everything in one place, easy to use and enabling frequent conversations in our organization!

Silke Loosen

Talent specialist at – DPG Media

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Objectives solutions huapii

Objectives give your employees direction and increase their focus. However, they can easily lose sight of these objectives in the maelstrom of their daily jobs and responsibilities – particularly when they don’t feel connected to the objectives in the first place. huapii puts your people in the driving seat. Our platform lets them take the lead and truly own their objectives.

Make objectives actionable

Employees need to know what they have to accomplish and how they are going to do it. Their objectives must be actionable. As work changes, so do objectives. With huapii’s platform, your employees take the lead and take ownership of their objectives. They can access their objectives quickly and make adjustments when goals change throughout the year. Employees can add key results as they progress, and identify objectives with the highest priority.

Regular checkins

A growth-based approach to objectives also impacts the role of the manager: they have the opportunity to inspire, to motivate their employees, and to be effective coaches. Regular check-ins between employee and manager help keep the objectives on track. The manager also has an overview of all the objectives within their team, and can make sure everyone is aligned.

objectives solutions huapii
Objectives solutions huapii

360ᵒ perspective

Objectives are often linked to colleagues and external parties. So it makes sense to involve these people when assessing your goals. Shared objectives are more likely to be achieved. When employees have access to internal input from team members, and external input from customers or suppliers, they gain a richer understanding.

Work towards common business goals

The individual objectives of employees are part of the bigger picture. For organisations to succeed, all the objectives must be aligned to achieve a common goal. Huapii’s platform enables organisations to define business goals. Employees can then link their own growth objectives to these targets, and measure their performance against the company’s ambitions.

Curious to know more about growth objectives?

Objectives solutions huapii
huapii website

They were able to infuse our employees with their enthusiasm for the platform.

Marjan Verbeeck

HR Business Partner – Nipro

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