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About ngage

ngage is a Belgian consulting boutique founded in 2009. In line with their aspiration to be recognised as management consultants with a human twist, putting development and people at the centre of their concerns, they partnered up with huapii to implement and embed their performance management system to further enhance a real feedback and growth culture.

ngage customer story huapii

The Challenge

Before being enabled by huapii the performance management process lacked clarity and HR was not getting enough real-time information and data to play a real business partner role in supporting key decisions on career, talent and promotion. 

“One of our goals was to think about how we can help the relationship between a mentor and a mentee: to be structured, to be easy throughout the year, to streamline the way of setting objectives, etc. The ease of huapii, and the fact that you can set interactive goals really help us,” says Brieuc Van Houtte, Manager at ngage. “The second goal was to improve our feedback culture. The huapii platform allows you to have 360° feedback, on a personal level but also on your performance objectives.”

“The ease of huapii, and the fact that you can set interactive goals really help us”

ngage’s choice: people at the centre

To address these shortcomings, ngage was looking for a flexible platform that places people at the centre and allows different levels of people management and coaching. The mentors support the ngagers to develop their skills and their career while the project managers define their objectives in line with their mission(s). On top of that 360° feedback is enabled to create a real culture of growth.

Onboarding and Implementation

In a couple of weeks, huapii and ngage implemented and personalised the platform to allow the HR team to pilot it before a company-wide launch in January 2022. One year later the results and the adoption are there: 

  • An up-to-date skills mapping of the ngagers’ talents
  • A real feedback culture is shown by the number of feedback exchanged every month internally but also externally (from clients with whom they work on projects)
  • HR teams act as real business partners thanks to more qualitative data and reporting. 

huapii In Three Words

We asked Audrey to describe huapii in three words.

1. Adaptability

huapii adapts to the ngage’s company culture.

2. Ownweship

ngage’s people are at the centre.

3. Innovative

huapii involves its customers extensively in defining their future roadmaps.

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I always found a way to get or to create for myselfs jobs where I could achieve my life’s purpose: connecting with people and helping them grow (while growing myself).

After studying general management and HR in Lyon, I joined Solvay where I had several rich & diverse HR experiences. I worked in Lyon, Brussels and Paris, to finally come back to Brussels and accept the challenge of creating and managing Solvay’s Digital Studio flagship.

Being an intrapreneur leading an innovation incubator, taking part of creating a new ways of working platform that transformed the company culture and HR woke up my inner intrapreneur and made me jump into co-founding huapii!

Today at huapii I use my HR and change experience to make the workplace a developing and empowering place to be.