Customer stories: Nipro Medical Europe

Nipro Medical Europe

Nipro is a medical equipment company specializing in medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and pharma packaging. Its aim is to improve the health of patients and the safety of healthcare practitioners.

With offices around the world, Nipro has a diverse workforce. But despite the geographical distance, Nipro people have one thing in common: the ‘Nipro DNA’ which supports an entrepreneurial spirit.

The Problem: Paper-based HR processes

Before using huapii, Nipro recorded its employee performance evaluations with pen and paper. It was a lengthy, unstructured process – and a source of complaints. Managers said the performance evaluation was time-consuming and hard to follow up with all employees. And HR struggled with the mountain of paperwork needed to keep track of employee objectives and annual reviews.

Time was being wasted. So, as HR business partner Marjan explains, Nipro looked for a fresh start – a digital platform that would help build a stronger connection with employees.

“They were able to infuse our employees with their enthusiasm for the platform.” 

Nipro’s Choice: Easy, intuitive, fun!

Nipro saw huapii as the natural choice. With our platform, the company took its performance evaluation from time-consuming and frustrating, to streamlined and intuitive. Freed from the mire of paperwork, it embraced a continuous process focused on development and connection. 

With our help, Nipro has been able to rethink performance evaluation and take it from a once-a-year process to continuous culture.

Objectives have become attainable as employees take ownership of their goals and begin to drive their own career progression within Nipro. And thanks to our Profile feature, employees can showcase their skills and work experience, making them visible across the company’s every region and business unit.

Implementation and Onboarding: huapii is always there for you

We recognize that implementation and onboarding are important steps. Although Covid restrictions meant we couldn’t be on-site at Nipro, our professional change management approach meant we could successfully complete our workshops and training remotely. 

Going from a paper-heavy process to a new platform could have felt like a big change for Nipro employees after so many years. So we took care to involve them from the start to ensure buy-in. Huapii helped employees embrace the change and supported the whole organization towards a smooth transition. And we didn’t leave it there. Like all our customers, Nipro has its own huapii Customer Success Manager to ensure the organization and its employees get the maximum benefit from our platform.  

Nipro employees also appreciated the move towards a more digital future. They praised huapii’s approach and say the new performance process adds much more value. 

“The huapii team really helped us with change management”

A Hit With Employees

Employee involvement, engagement, and transparency are key parts of our platform, and the Profile and Objectives functions are fully embraced by the Nipro team. 

Completing their individual profiles gives employees the chance to highlight their own skills and stake their position within the internal talent pool. And it also makes it easy to discover colleagues’ skills and find the people that can help move a project forward. 

In addition, huapii allows employees to take ownership of their objectives. Setting them in our platform saves time, provides employees with an accessible overview, and helps give their career a boost!




Skills in the platform


Conversations on objectives

huapii In Three Words

We asked Marjan, how she would describe huapii in three words: 

1. Intuitive and easy-to-use:

huapii was developed with the input of 26,000 employees. We asked them to identify their pain points so we could create the ultimate intuitive platform.

2. Professional and Enthusiastic:

We love what we do! Our enthusiasm comes from our passion for our product and customers. We not only provide support for the system but also become partners with our customers to ensure high take-up.

3. Reachability:

We are one click away! Each customer has a dedicated Customer Success Manager. Send your Customer Success Manager an email, and we will help you overcome any challenges with the platform.

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I always found a way to get or to create for myselfs jobs where I could achieve my life’s purpose: connecting with people and helping them grow (while growing myself).

After studying general management and HR in Lyon, I joined Solvay where I had several rich & diverse HR experiences. I worked in Lyon, Brussels and Paris, to finally come back to Brussels and accept the challenge of creating and managing Solvay’s Digital Studio flagship.

Being an intrapreneur leading an innovation incubator, taking part of creating a new ways of working platform that transformed the company culture and HR woke up my inner intrapreneur and made me jump into co-founding huapii!

Today at huapii I use my HR and change experience to make the workplace a developing and empowering place to be.