7 Insights to Ignite the Prepared Mind – The HR Trends & Priorities for 2023

As the world of work continues to evolve at a rapid pace, it’s essential for HR professionals to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.

In this article, we’ll explore the seven key insights from our webinar The HR Trends & Priorities for 2023: The Future Favours the Prepared Mind with Jan Laurijssen (SD Worx) and Bruce Fecheyr-Lippen (SD Worx), in which we cover hot topics such as continuous performance management, the ongoing war for talent, skills & internal mobility and the role of HR tech in a remote world.

1. With a recession looming, we see a qualitative and quantitative mismatch in the labour market. This means the war for talent might diminish in quantity, but not in quality. We expect that people’s skills will not necessarily match with open vacancies.


2. The psychological contract between employer and employee is back on the table. What they expect from each other and how they want to be treated are key here. Catering to personal needs is a considerable challenge for companies. They have to accept they don’t have full control anymore.

3. From an ABC (Autonomy, Belonging, Competence) mindset to an AxBxC mindset. If one of these factors is missing you cannot expect outcomes from the others. Ask yourself the question, if you don’t feel any belonging, how efficiently will you contribute?


4. HR couldn’t bring the figures. Now you can.
You can look into the data behind absenteeism, salaries, FTEs, turnovers, … If you understand the key moments in a person’s life and why they leave, you can create entirely different action plans (ex. leadership issues vs working conditions).


5. Talent management will remain one of the top priorities for the next years. The most important building block is managing your internal talent, especially in times of scarce resources. According to the OECD, 14% of all jobs will be digitised by 2025. As HR professionals, it’s your responsibility to ensure that employees have the skills and training they need to thrive in this changing landscape that constantly supplies and demands talent.


6. Let people be in the driver’s seat of their own careers and map skills from the bottom up by asking your people what skills they have. Know your employees by understanding these three questions: What are you good at? How would you like to grow? What’s your ambition?


7. You need to create a feedback culture where people feel safe to share their ambitions and dreams. Have a culture of asking, with your managers leading by example. And make it actionable by asking for feedback yourself.

Watch the full recording here.

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