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9 out of 10 leavers would have stayed if their employer had invested more in their skills.
Skills development huapii
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The skills profile in huapii enables each employee to become ambassador of his/her own skills matrix and position that openly into the organization.

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Skills growth huapii

Find skills within your organization

Futureproof organisations are successful because they respond well to change. They understand that skills are crucial and people are among their most valuable assets. But how do you make sure your employees have the right skills today and for the future? 

The solution lies within. Who else knows your employees’ skills better than they do? Research by Forbes shows that companies who put their employees in the driving seat of their career doubled their revenue, compared to those who don’t. With remote work increasing, and 60% of employees saying they now feel less engaged and connected to their colleagues, there’s never been a better time to establish a talent pool that is visible and accessible to all your employees.

Stimulate internal mobility

huapii provides you with a platform to make your skill pool accessible to everyone. Every employee can access the talent pool within seconds, and take the right action to move their work or project forward.

Knowing where you are today is the first step, but it’s increasingly important to know what the skills of tomorrow will be. With huapii, your employees can easily express their development needs and career aspirations. This gives you a complete overview to start the right initiatives to let your employees grow.

Skills growth huapii

Encourage skill development through mentors

Each organisation has a valuable resource just waiting to be leveraged. Who are they? The undiscovered mentors.

With huapii, you can uncover the mentors within your organisation, and let your employees immediately connect to start their learning journey.

Facilitate strategic succession planning

Replacing an employee within your organisation can cost up to one year of their salary. That’s why it is critical to keep your high-potential talent within your organisation and give them every chance to grow. Uncovering the skills and career aspirations of your employees helps make succession planning a strategic collaboration between the management team and HR.

With huapii, you can create your succession pipeline by identifying the high-potentials within your organisation. It gives you a complete and objective overview of your talent, and ensures you have the right people in the right place.

Skills growth huapii

As a partner, huapii is good at adapting and challenging us when needed.

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