The Story of huapii

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huapii’s story begins in 2017 when Alice TranchantKristof Stevens, and Bruce Fecheyr-Lippens, met at Solvay, a multinational chemical giant. Together, they had to decide on a new HR platform that would help them overcome the company’s HR challenges. Their mission was to find an oasis in a desert of outdated HR platforms that would quench the thirst of modern employees – those seeking to shape their own career paths with an easy-to-use, intuitive and empowering tool.

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However, after months of exploration, they discovered a barren landscape. The old systems, like ancient, empty riverbeds, could no longer sustain the thriving ecosystem of today’s workforce. After their extensive research, only one employee out of a hundred amongst them voted in favour of these existing platforms. That’s when they realised the ideal platform was not yet out there.

The first droplet in their growing lake was the decision to co-create the solution they needed – a user-friendly HR platform that would break down the silos and open lines of communication, effectively giving employees the reigns to their career paths.

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It was a bold step, a mix of determination and diverse expertise. They found 15 bright minds existing of business acumen, IT prowess, HR knowledge, and legal wisdom from across the organisation, and together, they began shaping a new vision for HR. It was a grassroots movement sprung to life from the innate potential within each individual, built on the valuable feedback of employees.

In just 12 weeks, they cultivated a vibrant ecosystem, co-creating innovative approaches for performance management, feedback, and talent development, all wrapped in a human-centric tool: huapii.

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                                            huapii is also a nod to the oldest national park in Patagonia, Argentina

And just like a single droplet expanding into a lake, their tool gained momentum, embraced by 25,000 employees at Solvay. Adoption soared to 80%, mobility figures increased by 10%, and over 500 mentorship matches blossomed organically. The market, parched for a solution like huapii, began to notice. Requests for such a solution poured in. And thus, huapii broke free from Solvay, becoming a standalone platform in 2019. Named for its embodiment of ‘human’ and ‘happy’, huapii is also a nod to the oldest national park in Patagonia, Argentina, symbolising an organic and harmonious way of living and working. Like the desert transformed into a lake, huapii is reshaping the landscape of HR driven by a dual mission: to empower employees to harness their full potential and to make companies future-proof. As it continues to grow and thrive, huapii aspires to quench the thirst of both employees and organisations for a more meaningful, engaged, and fulfilling professional life.

In 2022, huapii found a powerful partner in SD Worx, renowned for its people-centric solutionsThis partnership marked a significant milestone in huapii’s journey, amplifying its impact on the global HR landscape.

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                                                                         Partnership with SD Worx


As we reflect on huapii’s incredible journey from its humble beginnings to its current impact on the global HR landscape, we want to express our deepest gratitude to all our clients. Without your trust, support, and feedback, none of this would have been possible. It is your dedication to reshaping the way we approach human resources that has driven huapii’s growth and evolution. Your support means the world to us.

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Co-Founder & COO

I always found a way to get or to create for myselfs jobs where I could achieve my life’s purpose: connecting with people and helping them grow (while growing myself).

After studying general management and HR in Lyon, I joined Solvay where I had several rich & diverse HR experiences. I worked in Lyon, Brussels and Paris, to finally come back to Brussels and accept the challenge of creating and managing Solvay’s Digital Studio flagship.

Being an intrapreneur leading an innovation incubator, taking part of creating a new ways of working platform that transformed the company culture and HR woke up my inner intrapreneur and made me jump into co-founding huapii!

Today at huapii I use my HR and change experience to make the workplace a developing and empowering place to be.