Podcast 3. HR Tech supports people instead of replacing them

GLENN WALSCHAP Podcast huapii


HR Tech supports people instead off replacing them​

Glenn Walschap, HR Tech & Analytics Manager at Brussels Airport Company, is here to answer all your questions about HR Tech!



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Hertta Vuorenmaa podcast huapii

Podcast 14. Future of work: How often does it change?

Hertta Vuorenmaa, Research Programme Director for Future of Work, walks us through the harmony between change and inclusion and the role HR has to play in this. Technology has drastically changed the way we work and HR leaders need to rethink their processes to retain talent. Hiring people with a growth mindset and including them in every part of your company will bring you success.

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Episode 13 - Hiring Super Talents

Podcast 13. Hiring Super Talents

Do you have the right people in the right role? Alan Foster, Partner at ghSMART, challenges the classic interviews to find the best fit for your company. Defining company strategies is important, but it is harder to reach your goals if you do not have the right talent to implement them. In this podcast, Alan guides us through selecting the right candidate for the right job.

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Podcast huapii High Impact Teaming

Podcast 12. High impact Teaming

Does teamwork always make the dream work? Elisabeth Raes, Team & Leadership Coach of Unicorn Group, Author of High Impact Teaming, opens up the discussion about the foundations of teams and teaming. Team members are first individuals with their own visions and then they become the team members. In this podcast, Elisabeth dives into how to provide a safe space for team members to reach out to their full potential.

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Co-Founder & COO

I always found a way to get or to create for myselfs jobs where I could achieve my life’s purpose: connecting with people and helping them grow (while growing myself).

After studying general management and HR in Lyon, I joined Solvay where I had several rich & diverse HR experiences. I worked in Lyon, Brussels and Paris, to finally come back to Brussels and accept the challenge of creating and managing Solvay’s Digital Studio flagship.

Being an intrapreneur leading an innovation incubator, taking part of creating a new ways of working platform that transformed the company culture and HR woke up my inner intrapreneur and made me jump into co-founding huapii!

Today at huapii I use my HR and change experience to make the workplace a developing and empowering place to be.