Employee Engagement – What it means for us

Employee Engagement - What it means for us huapii

We have been nominated for the HR Excellence Awards in the Best Employee Engagement & Rewards Company category. This made us reflect on what employee engagement means to us as a company.

Employee Engagement - What it means for us huapii

Kristof Stevens – Employee engagement is the vital bond that ties employees to an organisation and its mission. When employees feel connected to their workplace and share a common purpose, they become invested in the company’s success. This connection drives employees to go above and beyond, putting in extra effort to ensure the organisation’s goals are met. Furthermore, a sense of engagement and connection to the organisation also leads employees to consider their future within the company. When employees feel that they are part of a supportive and inclusive workplace, they are more likely to see a long-term future with the organisation. This not only benefits the employees but also the organisation, as it helps to reduce turnover and build a strong, loyal workforce.

Employee Engagement - What it means for us huapii

Tim De Troch – Three key components contribute to employee engagement: feeling that their work matters, doing what they like to do, and being recognised for what they are good at. huapii helps to foster employee engagement by addressing all three of these elements. By continuously tracking goals, employees know that what they do contributes to the company’s overall success. This helps to instil a sense of pride and ownership in their work and makes them feel like their work truly matters. Another way that huapii helps employees feel engaged is by allowing them to share their career ambitions and pursue internal mobility opportunities. When employees can pursue their passions and interests within the company, they are more likely to feel fulfilled and engaged in their work. Finally, the skills profile and feedback modules in huapii allow employees to be recognised for their strengths and achievements. By indicating their skills in their profile, employees make it easier for their colleagues to identify their strengths and call on them when needed. The feedback module allows employees to give each other recognition for their contributions, which helps to foster a positive and supportive work environment.

Employee Engagement - What it means for us huapii

Alice Tranchant – A company that fosters growth and potential in its employees creates a workplace where each individual is nurtured and given the space to flourish, regardless of their background or identity. This can be achieved through various means, such as providing opportunities for employees to contribute their ideas and showcase their talents on various projects. Additionally, having a clear and shared vision that every member of the organisation is aligned with and understands how to contribute to it, further strengthens the sense of unity and purpose within the workplace. When employees feel valued, their efforts are recognised, and their contributions are acknowledged, they are more motivated and inspired to perform to the best of their abilities.



Co-Founder & COO

I always found a way to get or to create for myselfs jobs where I could achieve my life’s purpose: connecting with people and helping them grow (while growing myself).

After studying general management and HR in Lyon, I joined Solvay where I had several rich & diverse HR experiences. I worked in Lyon, Brussels and Paris, to finally come back to Brussels and accept the challenge of creating and managing Solvay’s Digital Studio flagship.

Being an intrapreneur leading an innovation incubator, taking part of creating a new ways of working platform that transformed the company culture and HR woke up my inner intrapreneur and made me jump into co-founding huapii!

Today at huapii I use my HR and change experience to make the workplace a developing and empowering place to be.