Cultivating a Feedback-Friendly Workplace: 6 Ideas to Get the Ball Rolling

Implementing a strong feedback culture is easier said than done. Here are 6 practical tips that you can try out immediately.

1 Feedback Fridays

Picture this: it’s Friday afternoon, and the air is tinged with anticipation. No, it’s not just because the weekend is knocking on your office door; it’s Feedback Friday, the most eagerly awaited day of the week. Encouraging a specific day dedicated to feedback, like “Feedback Fridays,” can create a consistent and routine opportunity for employees to share their thoughts. Block a specific time in team’s calendar and you’re good to go.

2 Make it a Competition

Introducing an element of competition can add a fun and motivating aspect to the feedback process. Make departments reach a certain amount of feedbacks in a set time. If they reach the target, they get something in return. One of our clients linked this to an environmental action, where they planted a tree for a certain number of feedbacks, saving the world one feedback at a time.

3 Feedback Ambassador

Designating a Feedback Ambassador within each department can be an effective strategy. This person can serve as a liaison between employees and leadership, helping to facilitate the feedback process and ensuring that it remains a continuous and open conversation. 

4 Open Door Policy

Emphasise and promote an open-door policy among leadership. Encourage employees to share their thoughts, concerns, or feedback at any time without the need for a formal meeting. Facilitating open communication and feedback between departments reinforces its role in breaking down silos, making it more likely to be shared as a best practice.

5 Recognition

Not everyone is ready to start giving feedback, so start with recognition instead. Because in the vast landscape of work, a little acknowledgement goes a long way. Create a culture of recognition by making it playful. Encourage team members to recognize each other’s achievements randomly, creating an element of surprise and delight. In our huapii platform we have our easy-to-share recognition cards, but you can start by creating some recognition post-its and sharing these with your colleagues.

6 Manager’s Training Integration

Consider incorporating feedback training into the onboarding and ongoing development of managers. Equip managers with the tools and knowledge to effectively receive, interpret, and act upon feedback, so they can master the art of feedback, one constructive comment at a time.

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