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huapii is the leading talent platform for organizations to unleash the full potential of their people.

huapii website
huapii website
huapii website
huapii website
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Are you ready to unleash your people to create a futureproof organization today?

How future-proof is your organisation today?

Find out by taking our skills management and performance management quiz.

huapii, the light-touch skills platform, designed by and for employees, helps your organization to unleash the full potential of your people and teams by making these three habits part of your culture. 

Skills development huapii

Skills development

Let your employees drive their careers within your organization. Empower them to develop their skills.

Growth objectives huapii

Continuous Performance

Objectives should focus on more than revenue growth. Set goals for the growth of your employees, teams and organizations.

feedback habit huapii

Feedback habit

Create psychological safety within your organization to ensure 360ᵒ feedback becomes a habit for your employees.

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The Story of huapii

    huapii’s story begins in 2017 when Alice Tranchant, Kristof Stevens, and Bruce Fecheyr-Lippens, met at Solvay, a multinational chemical giant. Together, they had to decide on a new HR …

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The Talent Trend Watcher June

Talent management is a crucial but ever-evolving field, and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends, strategies, and best practices. That’s why we are introducing our next webinar series ‘The Talent Trend Watcher’.

In this webinar series, two HR experts will provide a mix of data, expert knowledge and practical advice on the latest talent trends.

In this third episode of our webinar series, Katleen Jacobs and Kris Legroe delve deeper into these topics.

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