9-Box Talent Grid – Spotlight on Your Talent

The 9-box talent grid is not just a fancy chart, it’s a must-have for any organization focused on talent management. It helps organizations by providing a visual evaluation, enabling targeted development plans and strategic decisions about talent management.

9-Box Talent Grid

What is the 9-Box Talent Grid?

Essentially, the 9-box talent grid is a matrix that plots employees along two axes. On one axis, you assess how well employees perform in their current roles. On the other, you evaluate their potential for future roles, whether it involves leadership, expertise, or versatility.

Getting Started: Gather Your Team

The first step in using the 9-box talent grid is to involve your managers. They have the internal knowledge of their team’s strengths and weaknesses. Managers assess each employee based on the two key dimensions and place them in the appropriate spot within the grid.

Next, it’s time to convene with your senior leadership team to evaluate the grid together. You can choose to analyze it by manager, department, function, or any category that best fits your organization.

Beyond Boxes: The Real Goal

It’s crucial to remember that the 9-box talent grid is not meant to put people in boxes. It’s about unlocking their potential and mapping out a development path. For those in the lower performance categories, the focus should be on identifying challenges and creating development plans. Perhaps Jana from marketing struggles with her current workload because her true strength lies in creative strategy rather than execution. Or maybe Kobe from Sales is a low performer due to a misalignment with his role, and internal mobility could transform him into a top performer. On the other hand, high potentials need to be nurtured, and their career aspirations explored. These are your future leaders, and they need growth opportunities.

The Benefits: Clear Vision for the Future

Ultimately, the 9-box talent grid provides a clear and actionable view of your talent. It aids in making informed decisions about development, succession planning, and talent management. Whether you’re looking for the next CEO or the perfect role for a team member, it guides you in identifying where your employees are today and where they can be tomorrow.




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